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A Remarkable Leader, An Exceptional Person: Dr. Timothy Cottrell Carries on ‘Iolani’s Legacy
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Iolani High School: Your Journey to Success Begins Here

Aloha, and welcome to Iolani School! to Iolani School, a paragon of great education and well-rounded academic support located amidst the vibrant culture of Honolulu, We take great pride in providing a comprehensive, college-preparatory curriculum, carefully designed to stimulate and engage the intellectual appetite of our students, develop their skills, and arise interest to the world.

At Iolani School, we understand that a strong foundation in academics is key. We also believe that true education extends far beyond textbook knowledge. Our educational philosophy, deeply rooted in our Anglican principles, prioritizes the nurturing of a strong sense of social responsibility, the importance of community service, and the cultivation of leadership qualities we believe lie within every student.

As an Iolani student, you'll become part of an enriching environment that celebrates diversity, encourages innovation, and challenges you to become the best version of yourself.

Parents can be rest assured that your child will be embraced by a community committed to nurturing their growth, not just as a student, but as a responsible global citizen ready to make their mark on the world.

Iolani High School

Nestled within the vibrant pulse of Honolulu, Iolani School is an academic haven, shaped by Anglican principles, and teeming with a diverse blend of curious young minds. More than a mere educational institution, we serve as an exciting melting pot for over 2,000 students ranging from the eager kindergarteners with wonder-filled eyes, to the 12th graders on the cusp of stepping into the world as confident young adults.

As you traverse from the joyful chatter of our primary years into the bustling corridors of Iolani High School, grades 9 through 12, you'll experience a palpable shift. Here, we take the sparks of curiosity that have been kindled in the early years and stoke them into a raging flame of academic passion. We proudly offer an expansive range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses that challenge our students, piquing their intellectual curiosity and constantly encouraging them to stretch their boundaries and uncover their full potential.

Iolani School Calendar

The Iolani School calendar is typically organized like many other American school calendars, with the academic year starting in late August or early September and ending in late May or early June.

But life at Iolani is much more than academics. We observe regular holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break, and throughout the year, our school bustles with special events. From an annual school fair to theatrical performances, athletic events, concerts, and diverse presentations, we ensure that the Iolani experience is enriching, fun, and full of community spirit.

Iolani School Alumni

Iolani School alumni have achieved significant accomplishments in various fields, embodying the school's character, leadership, and scholarship values. Notable alumni include:

Mike Fetters, an American professional baseball coach. Cheryl Hayashi, later graduated from Yale University, is a biologist who works at the American Museum of Natural History. Jeff Chang, a historian, journalist, and music critic. Kila Ka'aihue, a Major League Baseball player. Guy Kawasaki, a CEO and author, worked for Apple to promote Macintosh. Sun Yat-sen, a Chinese revolutionary.

While these are some of the most recognized graduates, there are countless others who have made their mark in fields as diverse as business, academia, sports, and the arts. Each of them reflects the well-rounded educational experience that students receive at the school.

Iolani School Facilities

Iolani School is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, which cater to the needs of learners. The campus includes a comprehensive science center, modern athletic facilities, and art spaces designed to inspire creativity.

Iolani School Traditions

Traditions are key in fostering a strong sense of community at Iolani School. Annual events like the Iolani Fair bring together students, faculty, parents, and the broader community for a celebration featuring food, games, and entertainment.

Another long-standing tradition is the Father Bray Classic, an annual football event that honors a beloved past faculty member. These traditions help to build connections, instill school pride, and create lasting memories for all members of the Iolani community.

Iolani School Cultural Events

Cultural events are an integral part of the Iolani School experience. Reflecting the diverse backgrounds of its students and the broader Hawaiian community, Iolani hosts various events throughout the year. These may include cultural festivals, language days, music and dance performances, and guest lectures. Through these events, students can celebrate and learn from the rich tapestry of cultures that comprise the Iolani community.

Iolani School College Preparation

At Iolani School, preparing students for college and beyond is a core focus. The school offers a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum complemented by a comprehensive college counseling program that supports students through college application. Students are also given ample opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, and character traits that will help them succeed in college and their future careers and lives.

With such support, every student receives knowledge and experiences that enable them to easily prepare papers and presentations and complete other tasks./p>

Considered one of Hawaii's premier college-preparatory institutions, Iolani School boasts an illustrious history of effectively preparing students for the rigors of higher education. Our students' success is not by accident but is a result of our meticulous academic regimen, coupled with our substantial college counseling program and a diverse array of extracurricular opportunities.

Iolani School Leadership Development

At the heart of our mission at Iolani School, we nurture the leadership potential that resides within every student. We believe that every young person stepping into our halls has the innate capability to lead, and it is our task to help them discover, enhance, and refine these skills.

Our approach to leadership development is as diverse as our students. We provide a wide range of opportunities – be it student government, sports teams, or various clubs – each one designed as a unique platform for our students to dip their toes into the pool of leadership. Here, they learn to take charge, build teams, and most importantly, grow through the experiences.

The Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership, a cornerstone of our campus, is a hub where this growth is accelerated. Here, our students immerse themselves in hands-on projects, learn from internships, and participate in mentorship programs. It's an environment where they connect the dots, where classroom lessons meet real-world challenges.

In essence, our role at Iolani School goes beyond just preparing students for academic pursuits. We strive to sculpt future leaders who, with the skills and experiences gleaned here, will leave a mark in their respective fields and the world at large. It's not just about passing the tests; it's about creating the test-makers of tomorrow.

Iolani School Technology Integration

Technology integration is a key part of our educational approach. The school incorporates technology across the curriculum, from science and math to the humanities, helping students develop digital literacy skills.

Through innovative programs and facilities like the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership, students also have the opportunity to explore more advanced technology topics, such as robotics, coding, and digital design.

Iolani School Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff at Iolani School are critical to the school's success. More than 80% of teachers hold advanced degrees in their fields and bring much professional experience to the classroom. They work hard everyday and serve as excellent role models for students to learn and develop.

Iolani School is more than just a choice; it's an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, innovate, and lead. Our rigorous academic curriculum, rich cultural and extracurricular activities are designed to help students explore their passion and prepare for a bright future. We invite prospective students and parents to join our 'ohana and embark on a transformative educational journey.

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