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Summer 2012

A Remarkable Leader, An Exceptional Person: Dr. Timothy Cottrell Carries on ‘Iolani’s Legacy
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Summer 2012 - Department | Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Over the past 150 years, the ‘Iolani School community has shared big dreams and great accomplishments.

This year, we celebrate another amazing milestone as we welcome Dr. Timothy R. Cottrell as our next Head of School. This issue’s cover story describes our new leader, details the roots of his strong work ethic and impressive credentials, delves into his philosophy towards leadership, and conveys his vision for educating children in a rapidly changing world.

As our community comes to know Dr. Cottrell and to see him around campus and at school and community events, we will see for ourselves that his vision is in alignment with the mission of ‘Iolani School. That the relationship between this educator and the ‘Iolani School community, indeed, is a match made in heaven.

Yes, the installation of a new Head of School is a weighty matter for not only ‘Iolani School, but also for the future. Alumni think back to the headmaster or principal at the helm when they were students. Naturally, these questions have been asked lately: “How many past heads of school has ‘Iolani had?” or “What number is Dr. Cottrell?”  The question is simple, yet the answer is complex because information from ‘Iolani’s earliest days is either unavailable or unclear.

...the installation of a new Head of School is a weighty matter for not only ‘Iolani School, but also for the future.
The founding of ‘Iolani in 1863 was supported by King Kamehemaha IV and Queen Emma. Our origin is rooted in a several small schools at different locations on O‘ahu and Maui. ‘Iolani College was once located on the grounds of St. Andrew’s Cathedral before opening a campus in Nuuanu in 1927. We relocated the Lower School to the Ala Wai campus in 1946, while seventh through twelfth grade classes remained at the Nuuanu campus. ‘Iolani fully relocated to where we are now in 1953.

It was the foresight and determination of several Heads who brought the early versions of ‘Iolani together. Many of these leaders, educational pioneers of their time, are not common household names but, nonetheless, are part of our proud history and greatly contributed to the foundation of ‘Iolani today.

‘Iolani archivist Rose-Marie Panko and her assistant Lyn Vi Sumimoto researched and compiled the most complete list yet of all of ‘Iolani’s Heads of School. Giving new meaning to being detail oriented, they note, however, that the list was compiled from their sources in the Archives and is not definitive or all-inclusive. Also, some Heads served more than once and are listed twice in different years. As true historians, our ‘Iolani archivists are dedicated to the art of preserving accuracy over time.

The names of ‘Iolani’s past Heads proves how far we have all come. The future is even brighter.

Head Dates Title Location
Scott, William Richard 1863 Principal Lahainalalo
Mason, George Archdeacon 1863-64 Headmaster, Principal St. Alban's 1863 Lahainalalo 1864
Ibbotson, Edmund J. 1863-65 Headmaster, Principal St. Alban's
Hart, G.W. 1866, 1868 Principal Lahaina Day School
Turner, Charles William 1866-68 Principal, Master St. Alban's
Warren, Edward 1868 Principal, Master Lahainalalo
Higgins, H. 1870 Headmaster Lahainalalo
Mason, George Archdeacon 1868-72 Principal Lahainalalo 1868-71 St. Alban's 1869-72 Iolani College on Bates Street 1872
Atkinson, Alatau T. [1871] Master, Principal St. Alban's
Williamson, C.T. [1871]-1887 Principal, Master St. Alban's
Swan, William Alexander 1873-74 Principal, Headmaster Bates Street
Turner, Charles William 1873 Principal St. Alban's
Atkinson, Alatau T. 1874-88 Principal St. Alban's
Jones, Pierre 1874-88 Principal St. Alban's
Clark, Abel Rev. 1875-80 Headmaster Bates Street
Suplee, Thomas D. 1879-80 Headmaster Bates Street
Baker, Brookes Ono 1880-81 Vice Principal, Headmaster Bates Street
Willis, Alfred Bishop 1880 Principal Bates Street
Whalley, Herbert 1882 Headmaster Bates Street
Swan, William Alexander 1882-84 Headmaster, Associate Bates Street
White, C. Henry 1885-86 Headmaster Bates Street
Barnes, William Henry 1886 Headmaster, Principal Bates Street
Clark, Abel [1887] Headmaster Bates Street
Kitcat, V.H. 1888 Headmaster Bates Street
Bush, John 1889-94 Headmaster Bates Street
Paetow, F.C. 1885 Headmaster Bates Street
Hughes, John V. 1896 Headmaster Bates Street
Fenn, R.J. 1897-98 Headmaster Bates Street
Lane, John 1898 Headmaster Bates Street
Fitz, Frank S. 1899 Headmaster Bates Street
Blackman, Leopold G. 1900 Headmaster Bates Street
Fitz, Frank S. 1901-05 Headmaster, Principal Bates Street
Morgan, J.B. 1906 Principal Cathedral grounds
Bliss, Witt H. 1907-09 Headmaster, Principal Cathedral grounds
Dodd, I. Neal. 1908 Headmaster Cathedral grounds
Hall, Albert L. 1909-10 Headmaster, Principal Cathedral grounds
Saylor, Frank A. 1911-13 Principal Cathedral grounds
Kroll, Leopold 1913-17 Principal Cathedral grounds
Hinkley, Thurston R. 1917-19 Principal Cathedral grounds
Ottman, Donald R. 1920-21 Principal Cathedral grounds
Tracy, Leland H. 1922 Acting Principal Cathedral grounds
Caldwell, Roberta 1922 Acting Principal Cathedral grounds
Woods, Maitland 1922 Principal Cathedral grounds
Spencer, Robert S. 1923-25 Principal Cathedral grounds
Hinckley, Thurston R. 1926-30 Principal Cathedral grounds/Nuuanu Campus
Collins, James Philmore 1931 Acting Principal Nuuanu Campus
Stone, Albert H. 1932-44 Headmaster, Principal Nuuanu Campus
Young, Charles Herbert 1938-39 Acting Headmaster Nuuanu Campus
Eshelman, John Carl 1941-42 Acting Headmaster Nuuanu Campus
Buttles, W. William 1943-44 Acting Headmaster Nuuanu Campus
Lyon-Vaiden, Arthur 1945-46 Headmaster Nuuanu Campus
Monell, Ralph P. 1947-50 Headmaster Nuuanu Campus
Parmiter, Charles A. 1951-54 Headmaster, Rector Nuuanu Campus/Ala Wai Campus
McDonald, Canon Frederick 1955-59 Headmaster, Rector Ala Wai Campus
MacLean, Burton A. 1960-70 Headmaster Ala Wai Campus
Coon, David P. 1971-92 Headmaster Ala Wai Campus
Miller, Thomas H. 1993-95 Headmaster Ala Wai Campus
Iwashita, Val T. 1996-2012 Headmaster Ala Wai Campus