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Summer 2012

A Remarkable Leader, An Exceptional Person: Dr. Timothy Cottrell Carries on ‘Iolani’s Legacy
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‘Ohana News

Summer 2012: News from the ‘Ohana

The Beat Goes On!

Summer is here and the excitement on campus is infectious... read more

Spring 2012: News from the ‘Ohana

Spring Forward

It is hard to imagine that spring 2012 is already here! Spring... read more

Winter 2012: News from the ‘Ohana

Healthy Minds and Bodies

With the first quarter of this school year in the past and... read more

Fall 2011: News from the ‘Ohana

Great Beginnings

I attended the Father Bray Classic Pre-Game Reception on August... read more

Summer 2011: ‘Ohana News

News from the ‘Ohana

In 1985, there were no Nangaku, Ai, or Weinberg buildings... read more

Spring 2011: ‘Ohana News

News from the ‘Ohana

It all began with tinted windows! Replacement of classroom... read more

Winter 2011: ‘Ohana News

‘Ohana News

Are the decorations and lights packed away? Has the tree been... read more

Fall 2010: ‘Ohana News

News from the ‘Ohana

Everyone applauded as the plane touched down at Honolulu International... read more

Summer 2010: News from the ‘Ohana

Staying Connected

As the school year came to a close on my term as ‘Iolani... read more

Spring 2010: News from the ‘Ohana

Parent Volunteers: Priceless

I came across a quote that stated “Volunteers aren’... read more

Winter 2010: ‘Ohana News

The Net Generation

he Net Generation For the past 11 years, Beloit College Wisconsin... read more

Fall 2009: News from the ‘Ohana

Welcome to a new school year

As a parent and an educator, I see the month of August as... read more

Summer 2009: News from the ‘Ohana

‘Ohana Relies On Unsung Heroes

Summer is here and my term as ‘Ohana president has come... read more

Spring 2009: ‘Ohana News

Thanking Parent Volunteers

As ‘Iolani ‘Ohana President, I would like to take... read more

Winter 2009: ‘Ohana News

We Need Margins in Our Busy Lives

As an ‘Iolani parent, I wanted to seize every opportunity... read more

Fall 2008: ‘Ohana News

‘Iolani’s Positive Expectation Makes the Difference

It is my privilege and honor to serve as the 2008-2009 ‘... read more