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A 60th Reunion for the Class of ’52

The Class of 1952 gathered for a 60th Reunion. Standing: Calvin Kam, Gilbert Yamada, Tad Okada, Gordon Watada, Edmond Yee, Jiesing Chun, Stanley Shimoda, Albert Ching, Wallace Leong, Phillip Chun, Charles Kosaka, Samuel Hata, Lowell Ing, Millie Yamada, Douglas Tyau, Patsy Tanimura, Albert Tanimura; seated: Ester Watada, June Shimoda, Shirley Kam, Meredith Ching, Alice Yee, Lynette Hata, Betty Totoki, Margerie Kosaka

The Class of 1952 held its 60th Year Reunion at Waialae Country Club on May 11 with classmates and 12 spouses attending. Five additional members signed up but could not attend for various reasons.

Standing: Douglas Tyau, Calvin Kam, Edmond “Flea” Yee, Gilbert Yamada, Wallace Leong, Allan Totoki, Samuel Hata, Albert Tanimura, Albert Ching; sitting: Lowell Ing, Gordon Watada, Tad Okada, Stanley Shimoda, Jiesin Chun, Charles Kosaka
The attendees were: Albert and Meredith Ching, Philip Chun, Jie Sing Chung, Samuel and Lynette Hata, Lowell Ing, Calvin and Shirley Kam, Charles and Marjorie Kosaka, Wallace Leong, Tad Okada, Stanley and June Shimoda, Albert and Patsy Tanimura, Allan and Betty Totoki, Douglas Tyau, Gordon and Esther Watada, Gilbert and Millie Yamada, and Edmund and Alice Yee.

The cocktail hour lasted from 6 to 7 p.m. followed by too much food: snow crab claws, ahi poki, tomato with tempura on toast, white anchovy, vegetable summer rolls, sushi platter, cheese platter, crab cakes, seafood on cake noodles, crispy skin pork belly in bao, chicken yakitori, shrimp dumplings, beef wrapped asparagus, and dessert: lilikoi chiffon squares, chocolate crisps, strawberry trifle, and fruit skewers with fondue. We left about a third of the food unconsumed.

Standing: June Shimoda, Patsy Tanimura, Esther Watada, Millie Yamada, Betty Totoki; sitting: Shirley Kam, Meredith Ching, Alice Yee, Lynette Hata, Margerie Kosaka
After dinner, each classmate had his three or four minutes of fame—to talk about himself, his family and occupation.

Here are some interesting facts: about a third of the spouses were graduates of Roosevelt High School; one attendee admitted that his father had been an illegal alien; another has two sons who are golf pros (anyone need a lessons?) ; one whose children or grandchildren graduated from either ‘lolani or P_____ ; one who now has consistent Las Vegas returns from his investments there; one who has taken his whole clan, including 10 grandchildren on a cruise outside of Hawai‘i at his expense;
The Class of 1952, which attended the old Nu‘uanu campus, reunited at Waialae Country Club after 60 years as students together.
one whose non-military Federal job required him to travel and live in several Asian countries for years; one remembered another attendee had bullied him on his first day at ‘Iolani; and finally, believe it or not, one medical doctor attendee who went fishing at the beach about a year and a half ago, suffered a heart attack and had his heart stop. Luckily, a nearby life guard had an AED with him and was able to revive our doctor classmate.

The evening ended with group photos of the attendees and the spouses.