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Ordinary people and their extraordinary acts
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Summer 2009 - Department | News from the ‘Ohana

‘Ohana Relies On Unsung Heroes

Summer is here and my term as ‘Ohana president has come to its end. I’d like to use my final message to express my gratitude to the unsung heroes of the ‘Iolani ‘Ohana. They are the parents who work tirelessly behind the scenes to contribute to ‘Iolani’s nurturing, exciting, and wonderful environment. I thank all of the volunteers who made a difference this past school year and all of you who will continue your good work into the future.
In addition to unsung heroes, one very public hero touched our hearts this past year. Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger III was the pilot who made a successful emergency landing in the Hudson River after his plane’s engines faced a bird strike on January 15, 2009, saving the lives of all the passengers and crew. 
This is what Sully said of the remarkable landing, “One way of looking at this might be that, for 42 years, I’ve been making small regular deposits in this bank of experience, education and training and on January 15, the balance was sufficient so that I could make a very large withdrawal.”

‘Iolani thanked its ‘Ohana officers, executive committee, committee chairs and grade level representatives at the end of school year ‘Ohana mahalo luncheon on May 18 at Willow’s Restaurant. Pictured are, front row, left to right, Claire Aniya, 2009-10 Treasurer; Teri Matsukawa, 2009-10 Treasurer-elect; Barbara Watanabe, 2009-10 President; Sandra Ching, New Parent Welcome Reception & Nominations Co-chair; back row, left to right, Sandee Moriki-Shiu, 2008-09 Treasurer & ‘Ohana Liaison; Norma Murayama, immediate past ‘Ohana Liaison; Lori Okamoto, 2008-09 Secretary & 2009-10 Community Service Co-chair; Cheryl Wong, 2009-10 President-Elect; Andrea Ching, 2009-10 Secretary; Susan Weber, 2008-09 Secretary; Karen Llarenas, 2008-09 President.
Our Ohana volunteers have made individual deposits of time, love, insight, and devotion to the beneficiary account of ‘Iolani School. Together, their deposits allow the school to make a tremendous withdrawal of expertise, services, programs and projects. From the ‘Ohana Speaker Series to weekly e-newsletters to decorating the stage for graduation to admission coffee hours and so many more activities and events, ‘Ohana volunteers offer support and collectively create a giant pool of resources for ‘Iolani to call upon.
It’s been a wonderful and exciting school year. Your next ‘Ohana President, Barbara Watanabe, is ready to lead the way. Please accept my warmest mahalo for your support and dedication and thank you to the headmaster, administrators, faculty and staff.  ‘Iolani no ka oi.

Karen Llarenas
‘Iolani ‘Ohana President 2008-09