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Spring 2009

Life was different back then. George Ariyoshi presided as Governor. Kalapana recently released Many Classic Moments. Bobby McGee’s was Waikiki’s hot spot. And ‘Iolani was a school for boys.
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Spring 2009 - Department | ‘Ohana News

Thanking Parent Volunteers

As ‘Iolani ‘Ohana President, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the ‘Iolani ‘Ohana Council members and the faculty and staff who have carved out time from their busy lives to support our programs.  Many of you, like my self, stepped out of your comfort zone to serve.  I hope this experience has added significance to your life as it has for me. 

Highlights for this year have been the launch of our paperless newsletter, the ‘Elele, on which editor Jayne Hirata-Epstein, does an awesome job.  Andrea Ching is another special person who graciously stepped into the vacant public relations position to promote our parent organization and works closely with the Institutional Advancement office lending support whenever needed.  Our sewing project to recyle/hem  football jerseys headed by our secretary, Lori Okimoto, saved the school  from having to purchase new jerseys.  Our newly formed Parent Interest Group has added opportunities for parents to get acquainted in various settings.  The co-chairs, Phyllis Muraoka and Kyle Sakumoto, this year have organized a magazine swap, an Academy of Art Tour, and paddle board lessons.  The Community Service Projects organized by co-chairs, Shari Gulledge and Rita Sele, this year included the Children’s Alliance, Hawaii Foodbank, and the Honolulu Zoo.   The ‘Ohana Speaker Series chaired by Elizabeth McFarlane has sought out our featured speaker Dr. James Maas, who will lectured on “Power Sleep and Peak Athletic Performance” on March 17. Also a big mahalo goes to our faculty speakers, David Masunaga ’75, Karin Swanson, Rev. Daniel Leatherman, and Alison Uyehara-Ngo ’87 who have taken the time to share their knowledge, talents, and insights to enrich our lives.

Listed below are the members of the ‘Iolani ‘Ohana Council’s executive committee.  Along with the grade level representatives, they are the heartbeat of this parent organization.  They have all devoted a portion of their lives to serve ‘Iolani School.  Together they have made a difference. Please join me in extending to them a big MAHALO.

Karen Llarenas
‘Iolani ‘Ohana President 2008-09

Barbara Watanabe

Immediate Past-President   
Kyle Sakumoto

Sandee Moriki-Shiu

Claire Aniya

Lori Okamoto

Susan Weber
‘Iolani ‘Ohana Website
Lester Salazar

E-mail News Bulletin
Alan Kogami

‘Elele Newsletter
Jayne Hirata-Epstein

Public Relations
Cheri Gentry, Jo-Lynne Natori

Sandra Ching, Carin Lim
Kindergarten New Parent Orientation
Wendy Ching

Grade 6 New Student/Parent Orientation
Andrea Ching, Cheryl Kim
Ruth Ko, Jo-Lynne Natori

Upper School Parent Meetings
Phyllis Muraoka
Robyn Chun

New Parents Welcome Reception
Sandra Ching, Carin Lim

Lower & Upper School Open Houses
Doris Morisaki
Elaine Ylarde

‘Ohana Speaker Series
Elizabeth McFarlane
Sheila Kagawa, Melanie Kosaka

Community Service Projects
Shari Gulledge, Rita Sele

Parent Interest Groups
Phyllis Muraoka, Kyle Sakumoto
Natalie Haggerty

Admission’s Receptions
Luana McArthur

College Life After ‘Iolani
Eva Ardo, Lori Takeyama-Goshi
Daisy Catalan, Madlyn Finger

Career Shadows
Donna Kawano,  Amy Young
Cathy Makishima