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Fall 2011

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Fall 2011 - Department | News from the ‘Ohana

Great Beginnings

I attended the Father Bray Classic Pre-Game Reception on August 26.
The atmosphere was festive and joyful. Anticipation and excitement were in the air as we recognized the Father Bray honorees Walter Chang ’40, Wilmer Morris ’41 and Frank Kaho‘ohanohano ’51. We welcomed the 2011 football season, and celebrated the kickoff of a new school year as an ‘Iolani ‘Ohana.

A new school year arouses many emotions for students, parents, and faculty.

Excitement, change, and growth are near the top of the list. The 2011-2012 school year is starting off with a bang! The start of construction for the Center for Applied Sciences, the much anticipated “new” ‘Iolani website, our new ‘Iolani logo, and the list continues.

‘Iolani School continues to evolve and grow. The school has met many challenges; acquiring more land to expand the campus to provide educational opportunities for Hawai‘i’s children, hiring a director of interactive media to help develop ‘Iolani’s presence on the Internet and share the character of the school with others, developing programs for ‘Iolani students to reach outside of Hawai‘i and help those in need. It is this forward thinking that builds the educational foundation for our children and promotes a sense of entrepreneurship.

In this issue of the ‘Iolani School Bulletin, we applaud the mind of an entrepreneur. We proudly hail the winners of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Entrepreneurial Competition. According to Merriam Webster, entrepreneur is defined as an organizer or promoter of an activity; One that manages and assumes the risk of a business.

The ‘Iolani ‘Ohana is a parent organization which offers opportunities for parents to be informed and involved with their students’ education by providing programs and activities that foster relationships and promote continued interaction within the ‘Iolani community. 

This school year get involved. Volunteer with your grade level, chair a booth at the ‘Iolani Fair “Global Getaways,” attend an ‘Ohana Speaker Series event, organize or sponsor a parent interest group. There are many opportunities for you to participate and support ‘Iolani. Together, let’s make this new school year a Great Beginning!

Terry Foy

‘Iolani ‘Ohana President 2011-12