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Fall 2008

Resourceful & Ever Reaching: There is no such thing as a sleepy summer at ‘Iolani School. At least there was none for the approximately 2,862 students from Hawaii and around the world who enrolled in various classes this recent summer.
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‘Iolani’s Positive Expectation Makes the Difference

It is my privilege and honor to serve as the 2008-2009 ‘Iolani ‘Ohana President.   The goal for this parent organization is to enhance the ‘Iolani parents' experience during their years here.  For many of you that could be at least thirteen years.  My hope this year is to give the parents opportunity to get connected, engaged, and to truly make ‘Iolani their ‘ohana (family).  Making the ‘Iolani community into a home and family means supporting one another and perhaps making sacrifices.

I am here today because of my parents’  ‘Iolani experience from 1965 to1968.  My father, George Sadoyama, was a loyal supporter of ‘Iolani School.  He wanted the very best for my brother and for him to be successful in life.  The decision was made to send my brother to ‘Iolani School, which meant many sacrifices and my father working much overtime.  

My parents never dwelled on the sacrifices or even considered it as such.  It was an investment of love whether they realized it at the time or not. While at `Iolani, my brother performed in the band, played football, and wrestled.  As busy as my parents were they always took time to be at my brother’s concerts, games, and matches.  He was very competitive in sports and excelled.   In the classroom he was average, but he persevered.

I asked him, “What made the difference at ‘Iolani?”

His response was “the positive expectation.” 

My father’s hopes were realized at ‘Iolani as he saw the direction of my brother’s life change and knew the foundation for a more positive future was set.  My father’s regard for ‘Iolani grew, as my brother went on to Claremont Men’s College, the University of Southern California, and later opened his own business.  My father always believed that the education and experience  my brother received at ‘Iolani School was the door opener.  He wanted this same opportunity for my children.

The ‘Iolani ‘Ohana was organized in 1986. Today through this venue we are able to offer “opportunities for ‘Iolani parents to be informed and involved in their student’s education by providing programs and activities that foster relationships and promote continued interaction within the ‘Iolani Community.”

This year the ‘Iolani ‘Ohana is equipped with a resourceful team of parents.  Our officers are secretary Lori Okimoto, treasurer Sandee Moriki-Shiu, president-elect Barbara Watanabe, secretary-elect Susan Weber, and treasurer-elect Claire Aniya.  Under the guidance and support of Director of Institutional Advancement Jane Heimerdinger and ‘Ohana Liaison Norma Murayama, the ‘Iolani ‘Ohana looks forward to an exciting year. 

Karen Llarenas
‘Ohana President 2008-09