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Winter 2012 Issue

Let’s Get Physical - The Importance of Play at ‘Iolani

Winter 2012 Issue


Lemonade Alley’s Life Sessons

The proverbial lemonade stand has become a symbol of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation for... read more

Other News - Fall Honors Day

Fall 2011 Honors Day

Fall Honors Day ceremonies were held in September to recognize students’ academic accomplishments... read more


The Pale Blue Dot

In 1990, as Voyager I left the solar system six billion kilometers away, it took the famous photograph... read more

Other News - Scholarship Breakfast

18th Annual Named Scholarship Breakfast

A breakfast shared between students receiving named scholarships at ‘Iolani and representatives... read more

Other News - Alumni

Latest Buzz from the Alumni Association

Sake 101, Strike! Spare! Split! and Pau Hana at Uncle Bo’s read more

Other News - Reunion

Las Vegas Reunion: Class of ’71 Still Fun After 40 Years

You know that thing about “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?” Well at our age, I... read more

Other News - Reunion

Class of ’81 Celebrates 30th Reunion

The Class of ’81 celebrated its 30th Year Reunion with several great events. read more

Other News - Reunion

Eye-Opening Homecoming for 25th Reunion Class

Clearly an early highlight to its yearlong “25th Reunion Celebration,” the Class of 1987... read more

Other News - Reunion

Class of 1996 Reunites 15 Years Later

On the weekend of August 5, 2011, more than 100 friends and classmates from the Class of 1996 came... read more