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Let’s Get Physical - The Importance of Play at ‘Iolani
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Lemonade Alley’s Life Sessons

‘Iolani students and parents were among the hundreds of groups that set up creative and artistic stands for Lemonade Alley on November 12 on the baseball field.
The proverbial lemonade stand has become a symbol of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation for youths throughout Hawaii thanks to Lemonade Alley, a business literacy competition for Hawai‘i students.

‘Iolani teacher Michelle Hastings served as one of the program’s organizers. Through weeks-long projects, students at schools across the state honed their street-smarts about business through a fun and engaging experience. Teams of two to five kids between grades kindergarten through twelfth grade competed in one of four divisions with a special Healthy Award for best sugarless recipe is also being provided by the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Finalists pitched concepts, built real lemonade stands and sold lemonade. They  named their stands catchy names such as Ponolicious; Little Sisters, Big Ideas; Sour Things & Sweet Thoughts; Crazy Ade and Lemon Grenades. Dozens of new and different lemonade recipes were created. Some stands also sold cookies, brownies and other homemade goodies. Proceeds benefited non-profits including the Boy Scouts of Hawai‘i, the Boys & Girls Club of Hawai‘i, and the YMCA. The event culminated on November 12 on the ‘Iolani baseball field with teams setting up lemonade stands and touting their different concoctions, products, foods and products.

The ‘Iolani Airsoft Club hosted members of the Wounded Warrior Project at Lemonade Alley, according to Justin Ching ’12 of the Airsoft Club. The Wounded Warriors Project supports, honors, and empowers service members who have returned from war severely injured. With a generous donation from ‘Iolani School staff, the veterans were able to take a break from the usual militaristic day and spend a day in a fun outdoor project interacting with the community and enjoying great student made lemonade.