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‘Iobotics: The Roar of Scoreboards, the Flash of the Crowd
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News from the ‘Iolani Alumni Association

In this day of Facebook, Twitter, texting, and what not, we have never been so connected and disconnected at the same time. Technology can be wonderful, if you use it to enhance your relationships and to stay connected. However, it is no substitute for the people and the friendships built throughout our lives. The purpose of the ‘Iolani Alumni Association is to nurture relationships and strengthen our ‘Iolani ‘ohana. 

For the past two years I have been blessed to serve as the president of the alumni association. It has been a wonderful gift and a life changing experience. I have learned that the ‘Iolani community is a true family and that, although in school we build relationships with our classmates and peers, there is a bond that extends many generations forward and back.  This bond is the true gift that we all share. And like a true families there are different perspectives and experiences, but also an ability to work for the greater good.
The one thing that is so wonderful about ‘Iolani is that we are taught to celebrate diversity and to be involved. In my opinion this has been a very interesting year. With the state of the economy, furloughs and cut backs, people seem to long for leadership. I know there are some new faces and some veterans from the ‘Iolani community entering the political scene and trying to make a difference for our community. I am thankful they have chosen to be involved and to serve the community. I know everyone can’t run for office, but every one of you can exercise your right to vote. As educated people, we have a responsibility to make our voices heard.                    
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mike Moses ’93, the ‘Iolani Alumni Association, Dr. Val Iwashita ’67, and all of you for a priceless two years as your president. I can’t even begin to express how much my life has changed because of this experience. I would encourage all of you to stay connected and to come to our events. Please sign up to receive our newsletter through

Sherri Iha ’84
Alumni Association