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Spring 2010

A Culture of Giving Back
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News from the ‘Iolani Alumni Association

On Sunday, January 31, nearly 2,000 people gathered at St. Alban’s Chapel to celebrate the life of Coach Edward Hamada ’46. From early morning until late afternoon, the school grounds were filled with laughter and tears as people came together to celebrate the life of the man who gave so much. The long line of people weaving its way out of the chapel doors, onto the sidewalk and down Convention Drive was proof that a life led in service to others, lived with true passion and generosity, reaps the priceless rewards of love and respect. 

Most of us can only dream of having the impact that Mr. Hamada had on our community. But, we can take lessons from the way he lived to help us improve the lives of others and make our own lives more fulfilling.

Mr. Hamada gave and gave and gave. There are countless stories of gifts great and small given to friends, strangers, anyone who needed something – gifts that were given without fanfare and without a desire for anyone to know. Cal Miyamoto ’58 tells the story of how Mr. Hamada and the late Masa Yonamine ’47 showed up unannounced the day after Hurricane Iniki to help Miyamoto repair his storm-ravaged orchid nursery in Waianae. There was the day when Mr. Hamada, well into his 70s at the time, took a young football player who was struggling with the technique of the shotgun snap and coached him on the grassy area behind his office until the technique was mastered. He personally delivered cases and cases of juice and ice to the locker rooms of the teams that participated in the Father Bray Classic because, he said, “These guys work so hard and they don’t have a lot.” 

Mr. Hamada never asked or wanted anything in return for his gifts, but he understood  true riches: undying admiration; loyalty and love of many; strong friendships that span generations; the love of his wife and family; and the joy of seeing young people succeed.

We can all receive such tremendous rewards if we give a little extra of ourselves in service to others.  We invite you to join the ‘Iolani Community Action Network (ICAN), a new group of alumni that organizes frequent service projects throughout the island. Or, sign up at as a mentor for a young alumnus/a seeking career advice. Join classmates at the annual fair, which helps support the student scholarship fund. Come out and cheer on our students at their performances or athletic endeavors. It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you help; just do something, just give.  

As that long line in the chapel reminded us, the more we give, the more we get in return. Thank you, Mr. Hamada, for teaching us that lesson.


Sherri Iha ’84
Alumni Association

Mike Moses ’93
Director of Alumni Relations