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Winter 2011 - Cover Story

San Francisco

Cody Kimura ’03, Spencer Shishido ’06, Kim Kamitaki ’06 and Robert Hsia ’03 pick up trash.
Alumni joined the Parks Conservancy Fund to beautify a portion of Ocean Beach at Golden Gate National Park.
Coordinator Pomaikai Shishido ’03:

On the alumni bond:

All generations came together to give back to the community, showing that age, occupation, and location do not matter. We’re all still a part of our ‘Iolani community and we will forever share in that bond.

Alumni in the Bay Area gathered at Golden Gate National Park for a beach clean up on October 2.

On community service:

We all learn and grow up from the community around us, so it’s important to give back in order for future generations to benefit from our efforts. 

On making a difference:

David Saito ’93 with son Daniel pitch in.
We weren’t only doing a beach clean up; we made a positive impact on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Our guide Marcus Combs explained that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (aka the Pacific Trash Vortex) is an accumulation of trash and debris trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre. The accumulation has grown to the size of Texas causing a negative effect on wildlife in the Pacific Ocean. Simple small debris, such as plastic bottles, bags, and cigarette butts, gets washed from the beach into these currents and adds to the growing garbage patch. Every bit of cleaning helps save our environment and wildlife all over the world.