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Winter 2011 - Cover Story


Alumni gathered at the Wakatake Home in the Saitama Prefecture outside Tokyo to spend time with abused and neglected children.
Alumni visited the Wakatake Home (for abused and neglected children) in the Saitama Prefecture. Volunteers played games and soccer with children ages four to 18, then served them a Hawaiian barbecue.
Coordinators Lea Okudara ’00 and Mitzi Ing ’00:

On the alumni bond:

‘Iolani instills a sense of family within its alumni. Because of this sense of family, the ‘Iolani Gumi in Japan stays connected, providing that familiar home feeling and “One Team” spirit no matter where we are.

On community service:

As alumni living abroad, we believe it is especially important to get involved and give back to the community. Projects give us an opportunity to cultivate a better understanding, respect for and appreciation for the host culture, while sharing the Aloha spirit beyond Hawai‘i.

Mitzi Ing ’00, Sesuke Ogawa, Takako Nagano ’86, Yui Goshima ’07, SoonYun Iida (Park) ’04, Alisa Nakamine ’01 and Sanae Shibuya serve food to the children.

On making a difference:

Some of the volunteers included: Lea Okudara ’00, Mitzi Ing ’00, Micah Sadoyama ’98, Miki Kurokawa ’92, Takako Nagano ’86 and Rumiko Tokuda.
The most fulfilling aspect was seeing and sharing the smiles of the children at Wakatake Home. The alumni volunteers interacted with the children through sports, arts and crafts, cooking and conversation. We were truly impacted by how much love and Aloha the children have in spite of their unfortunate backgrounds. Volunteers each received personal thank you notes and Wakatake Home requested that ICAN One Day, One Team become an annual event.