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Winter 2011 - Cover Story

New York

On a sunny October 2, alumni filled bags with trash found along the Hudson River bank.
Alumni partnered with the New York State Parks/Riverside Park Fund to clean a portion of the Hudson River’s banks between 145th and 155th Streets. This was part of the Riverside Park Fund’s International Coastal Cleanup Day.
Coordinator Mariana Lee ’02 and Mike Maii ’95:

On the alumni bond:

No matter when we graduated, where we’ve moved to or how long it has been since we were in Hawai‘i, being part of the ‘Iolani alumni network is like being part of an extended family. There is an unspoken bond between alumni who shared growing up in the hallways of Lower and Upper School.

On community service:

In researching potential projects for One Day, One Team, I realized how many worthwhile causes and organizations exist in each city, and the integral role volunteers play in achieving their objectives. It may sound cliche, but it is amazing how a small act can  make a real difference.

Alumni helped clean a portion of the Hudson River bank in Manhatttan.

On making a difference:

Sharing the day with fellow volunteers and actually seeing the impact of our collective efforts was amazing. ‘Iolani alumni worked side by side college students and a cub scout troop. We all worked as One Team and pulled 812 pounds of garbage out of the water, coveringover one mile of the Hudson River shoreline.