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Winter 2011 - Cover Story

North Shore, O‘ahu

Alumni from different decades joined with other volunteers to build a house through Habitat for Humanity.
Alumni assisted Habitat For Humanity with building a home in Waialua for a deserving family.
Coordinators Maya Tatsuno ’03 and Jon Nouchi ’93

On the alumni bond:

The great thing about ‘Iolani is that its alumni are people who are leaders in their own respective fields with diverse interests and different passions, but who are connected by their commitment to change and willingness to see it through.  

ICAN coordinator Jon Nouchi ’93, right, helps a fellow alum saw wood for the house.

On community service:

Community service is about giving back and knowing that you can make a difference, whether we commit any small or large amount of time. It is both humbling and selfless, and can teach others to see the world in a different light.

Alumni prepare part of the home.

On making a difference:

The most fulfilling aspect in any team event is getting people together and  working together towards one common goal. It was really neat to see folks from different graduating classes interact with each other and the other Habitat for Humanity home partners. It was also very rewarding to see how much progress we volunteers made with building the house.