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Winter 2011 - Cover Story


At the American Red Cross of Boston Food Panty, volunteers included Ernest Woo ’97, Randy Wong ’99, Kendall Huang ’09, Robert Tamai ’09, Alton Choy ’09, Eunice Ko ’05, Darrell Villaruz ’95, Bryan Ho ’02, Ivy Lee ’05, Rich Gardner, coordinator Sharon Brake, and (in front) Stephanie Dote ’09 and Emily Saka ’09.
Alumni met at the American Red Cross of Boston Food Pantry to pack and distribute food and to prepare bags of perishable items for delivery.
Coordinators Ivy Lee ’05 and Bryan Ho '02:

On the alumni bond:

Fresh experiences in unfamiliar territory can be absolutely bewildering, but I think the ‘Iolani alumni bond helps play an integral role in our ability to put a stake in the ground. Simply knowing that we are a part of this network is inspiring, and the familiarity of our united high school experience is something we can always fall back on for support and stability.

Alumni receive instructions at the Boston Food Pantry.

On community service:

The community is that much better off if we each actively work toward improving shared experiences. Many people are not as fortunate as we are. Community service enhances their lives as well as ours.

On making a difference:

Robert Tamai ’09, Chadd Mars ’94, Darrell Villaruz ’95, Kendall Huang ’09, Bryan Ho ’02 and Ivy Lee ’05 packed and distributed food.
The most fulfilling aspect was how enthusiastically all the alumni participated in the day’s task. There was absolutely no hesitation, although none of us had ever been to the Red Cross Food Bank. As soon as we got familiar with the responsibilities, we dove right in with a great attitude. Our Red Cross coordinator was shocked at the end of the day to see all the crates we finished assembling  thus making the week’s tasks easier on the rest of the staff who work so hard to provide for those in need.