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Winter 2011 - Cover Story

Los Angeles

Dozens of alumni in the area volunteered at the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.
Alumni partnered with the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank to prepare boxes of food for various shelters.
Coordinators Joel Hamaguchi ’00 and Aaron Kandell '01:

On the alumni bond:

The mystic strands of friendship so aptly described in our alma mater truly exist amongst generations of ‘Iolani alumni. As One Day, One Team demonstrated, the ‘Iolani community is global, multi-generational, and thriving. We are all blessed to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, a legacy of love, faith, and pride.

When products are donated to the Foodbank, they must be sorted, cleaned and repackaged or put through a process called gleaning.

On community service:

As alumni, community service is an important part of the responsibility we inherit as  graduates of the school. An ‘Iolani education is a privilege which calls us to make positive changes in the world, either as leaders or servants. The real education at ‘Iolani is learning to lead by example and to inspire others with diligence, perseverance, and sacrifice.

On making a difference:

Alumni demonstrated ‘Iolani’s spirit of community service.
Seeing five decades of ‘Iolani alumni represented at the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank was a truly special experience. It was gratifying to know that the value of service instilled at ‘Iolani is something we carry for the rest of our lives.