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The Legacy Lives On - Eddie Hamada Scholarship Recipients Derrick Low ’04, Issac Ickes ’04, Leinani Keanini ’08
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Fall 2010 - Department | Pictures from the Past

Pictures from the Past

Over the years, many great coaches have mentored student athletes at ‘Iolani, including soccer coach Bob Barry. In this photo, he is pictured in the far left corner with his 1981 ILH championship team.

“I would like to think that some of my players develop a love for soccer that will last a lifetime.”
- Coach Bob Barry (reprinted from the ‘Iolani School Bulletin spring 1981)

First row, Alan Abe ’81, James Louie ’83, Derick Wong ’81, Frank Butterworth ’81, Sean Odani ’83; second row, Mike Silva ’82, Todd Seto ’83, Bruce Wong ’82, Harry Ronsman ’82, Mike Woitalla ’82, Prabhas Upadhyaya ’83, Reid Tokoro ’82; third row, Coach Bob Barry, Richard Bramley ’84, John Richardson ’82, Mike Powell ’82, Guy Kiyokawa ’82, Kaipo Young ’84, Steve Edwards ’82, Ted Sung ’82, Garrett Chun ’82, manager Darrien Thornley ’83. (photo credit: ‘Iolani School Bulletin spring 1981)