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Acts of Compassion
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Summer 2011 - Other News | Alumni

Alumni Association Hosts Pauhana

On February 16, 2011, the ‘Iolani Alumni Association hosted its second Pau Hana event at Pearl Ultralounge where alumni and alumnae gathered to wind down with fabulous food, drinks and friends. The group also bid farewell to Mike Moses ’93, ‘Iolani’s former dirrector of alumni relations and a very special member of the ‘Iolani Alumni Association Board of Directors. Mike was recognized in a short program and presented with a special gift from all members of the association! We look forward to seeing him and other graduates at the association’s next Pau Hana event!

Maya Tatsuno ’03, Keoki Noji ’01 (standing), Jon Nouchi ’93,Trina Orimoto ’01, Yvette (Yuen) Maskrey ’84, Mike Moses ’93, Meredith Lee ’98, and Susan Kuwabara ’93

Trevor Benn ’92, unidentified friend, Christine Yasunaga ’89, Doug Lange ’94, John Stepien ’95, Norman Cheng ’95, Mark Ambler ’95.

Corey Shibata ’87, Mike Moses ’93, Kerri Yoshioka ’90, Adrienne Shimonishi Elkind ’90