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Fall 2011 - Cover Story | Ideas for the World

Zalman Bernstein ’12

What kept each of you inspired and motivated to keep going?

The constant support of our mentors helped to keep us both motivated and focused during the competition process. In addition as the product grew on us and we began to see more and more that we really had created something real and useful, we got more invested in winning the competition.

When it Hong Kong, how did you remain focused?

We really came together as a team a lot in Hong Kong and pushed each other. We practiced our presentation every day and reminded each other why we were there and focused on perfecting our presentation so that we could perform well when the time came.

What gave your team the winning edge?

In these kinds of presentations, the judges dont just pick which product to invest in but which people to invest in as well. We had a lot of team synergy and energy and I think that showed on stage. Also the English speaking advantage didn’t hurt.

At the awards dinner: Lei Pui Yuk, Zalman Bernstein ’12, Guthrie Angeles ’12, Mark Grozen Smith ’11, Dr. Carey “Doc” Inouye ’66 and entrepreneur Leighton Ige ’01.

Describe the most memorable part of the journey to the championship?

The most memorable part for me was the night before the final competition. We dragged an extra mattress into Mark and Guthrie’s room so that we could all prepare together. We spent the night practicing, bonding as teammates and laughing and joking as friends. It was a really great experience and I think it was a major factor for our win.

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