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Winter 2011 - Feature

‘Iolani’s 17th Annual Named Scholarship Breakfast

Words are not enough to express ‘Iolani Schools gratitude for donors who provide scholarships that directly benefit students. Yet the annual ‘Iolani Named Scholarship Breakfast is one venue that offers students the opportunity to meet and thank scholarship representatives in person. Scholarships are vital to a school like ‘Iolani where diversity and opportunity are hallmarks of its educational mission.

Headmaster Dr. Val Iwashita ’67 expresses his gratitude for support of ‘Iolani’s scholarship programs. See more photos from the Scholarship Breakfast »
So on September 10, more than 300 representatives of named scholarships and students who are scholarship recipients gathered for a breakfast on the lawn of the Headmaster’s residence. Dr. Val Iwashita ’67 and his wife Cynthia greeted guests with support from the Institutional Advancement Office. Members of the school’s Board of Governors along with administrators also attended the event. Students happily shared stories about their school and extracurricular activities with scholarship representatives.

Mainly, students thanked their donors for funding their education at ‘Iolani, a gift that is invaluable beyond words.

Programs Represented at the Named Scholarship Breakfast

  • ABC Stores Scholarship Endowment
  • Chung Kun Ai Scholarship
  • Dana Meulan Pua‘ala Alama-Yap Scholarship
  • Peter F.C. Armstrong Scholarship
  • William E. Aull Family Scholarship
  • Auntie Scholarship
  • Bilingual Students Scholarship
  • Father Bray Scholarship
  • Han Y. and Myrna Ching Endowed Scholarship
  • Hung Wo & Elizabeth Lau Ching Scholarship
  • Dr. Jonathan Y. C. Ching and Mr. Frederick K. F. Ching ’41 Scholarship
  • Roy K.P. ’37 and Elizabeth Chong Scholarship
  • Christian Scholarship
  • Patrick K.C. Chun, M.D. ’63 Family Scholarship
  • Class of 1950 Scholarship
  • Class of 1951 Scholarship
  • Class of 1953 Scholarship
  • David P. Coon Scholarship
  • Richard Corris Scholarship
  • Wayne DeMello Scholarship
  • Bayard H. Dillingham Memorial Scholarship
  • Peter L. Firehock Memorial Scholarship
  • First Hawaiian Foundation Scholarship
  • Freeman Scholars Program
  • Fujimoto Family Scholarship
  • Gabelli Funds Scholarship
  • Father Charles Halter Scholarship
  • Edward K. Hamada Scholarship
  • Gustav and Faiaso Hannemann Scholarship
  • Haruki Family Scholarship
  • Michael Hite/Van Darrow Scholarship
  • Honolulu Chinese Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation Scholarship
  • ‘Iolani Alumni Association Scholarship
  • William P. Jenkins Scholarship
  • K.S. Scholarship
  • Tokuo Kaneshige Scholarship
  • Hajime Katayama Scholarship
  • Rex Kuwasaki Scholarship Endowment
  • Emily L. & Mabel C. Ladd Scholarship
  • William Y.S. Lee Scholarship

  • Koon Chew Lum and Ellen Young Lum Scholarship
  • Dr. Thomas Mar Scholarship
  • McInerny Foundation Scholarship
  • Thomas H. Miller Scholarship
  • Herbert & Margarita Mist Trust Scholarship
  • Ken & Aiko Mukai Scholarship
  • Oren Nagasako ’90 Scholarship
  • Harry Y. and Hatsuyo Oda Scholarship
  • Richard T. Okinaka Family Scholarship
  • H.Q. and Minnie Pang Scholarship
  • Charles Lewis and Juanita Claflin Riggin Scholarship
  • Frances and Nellian Sen Scholarship
  • Lester Sen Memorial Scholarship
  • Anthony S.Y. Seto ’55, M.D. Scholarship
  • Seto Family Scholarship
  • Nan Chul Shin Scholarship
  • Clifford and Aileen Shin Family Scholarship
  • Fred Shintaku Family Scholarship
  • Arthur G. Smith/Cades Schutte Fleming & Wright Scholarship
  • C.V. Starr Scholarship
  • Stone Scholarship
  • Sukamto Foundation, Inc.
  • Sullivan Family Scholarship
  • SYA Scholarship
  • The Tamotsu and Esther Tanaka Family Scholarship
  • Hugh C. Tennent Scholarship
  • Zhanna Vaysbeyn-Roytman Family Scholarship
  • Donna J. Walden Scholarship
  • Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Scholarship
  • G.N. Wilcox Trust Scholarship
  • Betty & Theodore Wong Scholarship
  • Harvey K. Wong Memorial Scholarship
  • Kai Wong Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Raymond W.C. Wong Family Scholarship
  • XTERRA Foundation Scholarship
  • C.Q. Yee Hop & Family Scholarship
  • John S.C. Yee Family Scholarship
  • Yuan Wong Gaylor Scholarship Endowment

Comments from Readers

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    precybellen on 3/19/2011 at 8:29pm

    i spent so much time browsing your site. i was so touched on the kindness of those peoPLe builded up scholarhip foundation. i was one of those who benefited it during my schooling til i graduated high school in Philippines. I sponsored by the name of Joan Armstrong from 1987- 1995 as far as i remember but im not sure if she belongs in this organisation our foundation that time did not give her communication add details.aside from school fund shes given often she sent me a bday letter/card, holiday wishes, gifts etc....i keep on searching her.Through this site I just wanted to say Thanks a lot to her / family / foundation. were ever she is now.To all foundations who helping poor.I SALUTE U ALL! GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER!!!!