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‘Iobotics: The Roar of Scoreboards, the Flash of the Crowd
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Gerald Teramae Brings A Proactive, Creative and Innovative Approach

Gerald M. Teramae is ‘Iolani’s new Dean of Lower School.

Gerald Teramae

  • Family:
    Wife Leann Teramae; daughter Kristen Teramae, 17-years-old; and son Sean Teramae ’15
  • Education:
    University of Hawaii, Bachelor of Education and Professional Diploma Degree in Elementary Education, Master of Educational Administration; Leadership Academy, Certified Program for School Leadership
  • Pastimes:
    Spending time with family and their Golden Retrievers Riley and Carley
  • Most Recently Read Books:
    Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success by John Wooden and Jay Carty and 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times by Charles Fadel
Gerald M. Teramae is ‘Iolani’s new Dean of Lower School. A dedicated educator with more than 25 years of experience, he aims to continue the outstanding programs in kindergarten through sixth grade engaging a fresh perspective and innovative methods. Teramae was a classroom teacher at Mai‘li, Kalihi-Uka and Honowai elementary schools. He eventually became vice principal at Nanakuli High and Intermediate and at Waipahu Intermediate. Later, he served as principal at Ali‘iolani Elementary School, Jarrett Middle School and, most recently, at Kalani High School. Prior to joining ‘Iolani on July 1, he spent months visiting ‘Iolani, attending meetings and events, talking to teachers, parents, and students. ‘Iolani School welcomes Gerald M. Teramae to its team of administrators.

‘Iolani School Bulletin: What is your background and why did you go into education?

I went into education because I have enjoyed working with children and want to make a positive impact on their lives. I also feel that education, and being a teacher, is one of the most important professions that our society needs to emphasize and support. The knowledge, values and ethics that we teach and share with our children determine the future of our global society in the years to come.  

‘Iolani School Bulletin: What were your perceptions of ‘Iolani before coming here?

My perception of ‘Iolani School was that it was a very good independent school with a rigorous curriculum that only focused on academics. Gosh, was I wrong. ‘Iolani truly provides a well-rounded academic and extra-curricular program for all of our students. 

‘Iolani School Bulletin: What do you hope to bring to ‘Iolani?

I hope to bring to ‘Iolani School a continued optimistic, proactive, creative and innovative student-centered approach and perspective to learning and teaching that will continue to uphold our nearly 150-year tradition of academic excellence and student achievement. In addition, I hope to help lead ‘Iolani School’s efforts in developing and preparing our students (and all school role groups) in grades kindergarten through twelfth for “success” in the 21st century and beyond.

‘Iolani School Bulletin: What makes Lower School special?

The caring, dedicated, committed and nurturing teachers, faculty and staff make Lower School a special place for our students. Our entire faculty and staff are life-long learners who seek to improve their craft and be the best professionals in how they teach and interact with our students, parents, our community and their colleagues. Also, what makes Lower School special is the support and encouragement from our parents and families for our students, teachers, and staff. I look forward to and will continue to encourage our parents and families to be an active part of our Lower School and their children’s education.

‘Iolani School Bulletin: What are your goals for your first year at ‘Iolani?

One of my goals for my first year at ‘Iolani School is to continue to enhance and develop positive and proactive relationships with the students, teachers, staff, parents and the rest of the ‘Iolani Community. Another goal will be to continue to emphasize the content and spirit of our school’s mission, philosophy of “One Team,” our student learner outcomes and ideals.

I truly believe that these essential components will help to bring a greater connection and alignment of teaching and learning goals and objectives between the Upper and Lower Schools. Moreover, this unique opportunity to collaborate and articulate between the Upper and Lower Schools is an opportunity to create a learning and teaching environment and culture that will be a valuable commodity in addressing the academic, social and emotional needs of our students, faculty and staff. 

Through this process, we will continue to be one of the premier college-preparatory schools in the nation for the 21st century and beyond.