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Winter 2009

Once upon a time ‘Iolani teachers were not teachers just yet. They were children and teenagers like the ones they now instruct. Find out which childhood books inspired our teachers.
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Winter 2009 - Department | Pictures from the Past

Pictures from the Past

Music and chapel services have long been part of ‘Iolani School’s history. This photo of the ‘Iolani “high school choir” was published in the 1959 Ka Mo‘olelo O ‘Iolani yearbook.

Who were these angelic boys? According to the caption in the yearbook, they were, from left to right (first row) Carl Sato, Creighton Kudo, Roland Leong, Milton Soo, Kenneal Chun, Miles Kawatachi, Colin Leong, John Ishikawa, Clifford You; (second row) William Thomas, Warren Uchima, Ethan Park, Russell Sakamoto, Alvin Chong, Melvin Kanai, Conroy Chow, Richard Lau, Raymond Ching, Elliot Char, and Leighton Liu. They belong to the Class of ’62.

Comments from Readers

  1. 8ad4fdc47b5e6fe80afaca88fd960fc0
    Conroy Chow on 1/21/2009 at 11:38am

    We are still angelic. We all joined the choir so we didn't have to attend religion class.

  2. E100b07d1e2d6817bddedf22c9b25274
    Robert Molison on 3/15/2011 at 7:46pm

    Iolani no ka oe!

    Wow. That's a memory! I directed this choir - and the band - from 1960 - 63. I predict that every one of these guys became GOVERNOR OF HAWAII. This great school has come a long way! (Conroy, they weren't really that angelic).