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Summer 2009 - Other News | School

The Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2009

The commencement ceremony for ‘Iolani School’s Class of 2009 marked the end of their ‘Iolani School days and the beginning of a new chapter in their young lives.  It was held on June 6 in the center of campus with hundreds of family members, friends, teachers and supporters witnessing the monumental event.

The invocation was led by The Rev. Daniel L. Leatherman, whilesenior class president Rance Fujiwara ’09 addressed his classmates.  Valedictorians Robert Tamai ’09 and Julia Zhang ’09 spoke on behalf of their fellow Scholarship Medal recipients.

Signifying the passage of time and the strength of ‘Iolani fellowship, members of ‘Iolani’s Class of 1959 returned to campus and were recognized by Headmaster Dr. Val Iwashita ’67 for graduating 50 years earlier.

Congratulations were wished to all 237 members of the Class of 2009. Each new graduate brought something special to ‘Iolani. Now, the future is theirs.

Alumni Medals

The alumni medals are awarded to two members of the graduating class who exemplify the healthy combination of scholarship and athletics.

Robert Tamai ’09
Jana Tokuhama ’09

Bishop’s Award

The Bishop’s Award is awarded to a senior who has given unselfish service to the church, school and community and who demonstrates outstanding witness to faith in Christ and commitment to principle.

Hanna Pang ’09

Scholarship Medals

The winners of the Scholarship Medal, the 28 valedictorians of the Class of 2009, have from grades nine through twelve achieved the highest academic rank.

Giulia Anderson ’09
Kai Yu Chen ’09
Rance  Fujiwara ’09
Elysia  Gabe ’09
Lianne  Ho ’09
Grant  Iwamoto ’09
Amy  Ko ’09
Emily Kuo ’09
Jeffrey   Kwock ’09
Qingyun (Anya) Liao ’09
Amelia  Linsky ’09
Diana  Lu  ’09
Alyssa Alysson  Ochiai ’09
Celia Ou ’09

Jeffrey  Sakamoto ’09
Marrisa  Sakoda ’09
Jessica Lynn  Saylors ’09
Zachery   Simao ’09
Robert  Tamai ’09
Eve Tang ’09
Jana Tokuhama ’09
Elysse Tom ’09
Uyanga  Tsedev ’09
Thanh  Vu ’09
Samuel  Wechsler ’09
Sean Yancey ’09
Craig Yugawa ’09
Julia  Zhang ’09

Headmaster’s Award

The Headmaster’s Award is awarded to a senior who has made exceptional contributions to ‘Iolani School.        

Robert Tamai ’09

Unsung Heroes

The following members of the Class of 2009 were acknowledged by Dr. Iwashita as “Unsung Heroes” who enrich ‘Iolani with their positive attitude and community spirit.
Laurie Nitta ’09
Kyle Shiroma ’09
Chad Kuwana ’09
Chaz Silva ’09
Tyler Yamamoto ’09
Alana Calhoun ’09
Kelly Pang ’09
Erika Kim ’09
Sarah Fang ’09
Angelica Raquel ’09