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Graduation of the Class of 2010

The commencement ceremony for ‘Iolani School’s Class of 2010 was held under sunny skies on June 5 in the center of campus. Class president David Jordan ’10 and valedictorians Evan Masutani ’10 and Kiana Block ’10 delivered inspiring speeches touching upon their memories as students and their hopes for the future.

Headmaster Dr. Val Iwashita ’67 paid tribute to ‘Iolani’s newest graduates while recognizing the Class of 1960.

“Those of us who work and study at the ‘Iolani of today owe a debt of gratitude to those who came before us,” Dr. Iwashita said. “The Class of 1960 went into the world to build on the lessons they learned here.  They return today to celebrate the golden anniversary of their graduation.”

The Right Reverend Robert L. Fitzpatrick and The Reverend Daniel Leatherman led the ceremony in prayer. Eventually, 222 names were read by senior class advisors Lisa Bailey and Melanie Pfingsten as the exuberant graduating seniors received their diplomas from ‘Iolani chair of the board Jenai S. Wall.

Then, all stood to sing the ‘Iolani alma mater before taking that first step into the world where they will experience how, at ‘Iolani, friendships weave their mystic strands forever.


The winners of the Scholarship Medal, the 13 valedictorians of the Class of 2010, have from grades nine through twelve achieved the highest academic rank.

Kiana Block
William Chambers
Sean Cockey
Andrew Ellison
Ian Franklin
Anders Lee
Lauren Makishima

Evan Masutani
Kelli Morrissey
Milena Naitoh
Scott Sakaida
Grace Sakurada 
Kellie Wo


The alumni medals are awarded to two members of the class who exemplify the healthy combination of excellence in academics and athletics.

Kelli Morrissey
Scott  Sakaida


The Bishop’s Award is awarded to a senior who has given unselfish service to church, school and community and who demonstrates outstanding witness to faith in christ and commitment to principle.

Joseph Fala


The Headmaster’s Award is awarded to a senior who has made exceptional contributions to ‘Iolani School.

Elissa Minamishin


The following members of the Class of 2010 were acknowledged by Dr. Iwashita as “Unsung Heroes” who enrich ‘Iolani School with their positive attitude and community spirit.

Karla Chikamoto
Arushi Dutt
Alyssa Kano
Mark Muraoka
Brian Yamamoto
Kelcie Lei Nagata
Alex Min

Justin Rath
Shelby Senaga
Ashlyn Koga
Cameo Lethem
Andie Enomoto
Taylor Van Etten