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The Fourteenth Annual A Touch of ‘Iolani honors Calvin Miyamoto ’58

The fourteenth annual A Touch of ‘Iolani is proud to honor Calvin S. Miyamoto ’58, retired owner of M. Miyamoto Orchids, with the Alumni Service Award for 2010.

Cal ’58 and Diane Miyamoto
A Son of ‘Iolani, Cal Miyamoto has been involved with ‘Iolani School since childhood.  He attended first grade at the old Nuuanu campus and came to second grade at the Ala Wai campus after ‘Iolani began the transition to its current location. When he was a student, his father, the late Masatoshi Miyamoto, oversaw the popular plant booth for the old ‘Iolani carnivals.

Cal went on to graduate from the University of Hawai‘i with a degree in business administration. He once worked for First Hawaiian Bank while he and wife Diane lived in Guam. Yet, he returned to Oahu to help manage his family’s orchid nursery and business. M.Miyamoto Orchids was the second oldest orchid business in Hawaii, with its beautiful breeds distributed throughout Hawaii and the world.

When his oldest daughter, Stacy ’84, entered ‘Iolani as a ninth grader, Cal began co-chairing the plant booth at the ‘Iolani carnivals like his father once did.  When daughter Ann ’91 also enrolled at ‘Iolani, Cal continued to run the plant booth during at the ‘Iolani fair.

“We bleed red, black and white,” Cal says.

Cal also served as president of the ‘Iolani Alumni Association from 1995 to 1996 and on the Alumni Association Board of Directors in the early 1990s. He is again a member of this board. Cal is also an active member of the Class of ’58 which ran the waffle hot dog booth at the ‘Iolani carnival and fair for years.  

Cal volunteers as a teacher with the New Hope Christian Fellowship. He also helps at Moanalua Golf Course and participates in his grandchildren’s activities.

His dedication to ‘Iolani and giving back to the community stems from lessons taught by his coaches and mentors, such as Father Kenneth A. Bray and Eddie Hamada ’46. Bray was his intermediate track coach and Hamada was a close friend and colleague.

Not only did his daughters graduate from ‘Iolani, but so did their husbands. Stacey is married to Garret Lau ’84 (their sons are Taylor ’12 and Noah ’18) and Ann is married to Andy Nakasone ’91 (who have a four-year-old son Jacob).

“‘Iolani has always been a big part of our lives,” Cal says.