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Summer 2010

‘Iobotics: The Roar of Scoreboards, the Flash of the Crowd
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Summer 2010 - Feature

Seattle Graduates Reunite

Tsuneo ’47 and Chizuko Katsumoto with Cynthia and Val Iwashita ’67
Pike Place Market. The Space Needle. Views of Mount Rainier. Those are some reasons Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States.

Seattle was also the host city for an ‘Iolani reunion attended by more than 100 alumni and friends on February 27 at the Palisades Restaurant.

Back row: Eric Hamada ’74, Merle Hamda, Sarah Fong, Bob Fong ‘71, Jim Char ’74, Teresa Landreau, Vern Lee ‘67; front row, Spencer Tom ’74, Janice Abe, James Char ’74, Bonnie Char

Krystal Kurokawa ’06, Karlyn Kurokawa ’07 and Marissa Matsuyama ’07
Alumni were able to share their common bonds, while Headmaster Dr. Val ’67 and Cynthia Iwashita and Director of Development Chris Shimabukuro ’85 enjoyed re-connecting with graduates in the Pacific Northwest. A highlight of the evening was the DVD presentation, produced by Shimabukuro, which featured many current faculty and staff from ‘Iolani extending their aloha.

Sitting: Bethany Aoki, Jon Genka ’80, Steven Kaneko ’80, James Campbell ’80, Laureen Kuniyoshi, Angela Collins; standing: Kevin Aoki ’80, Mike Hirohata ’81, Lisa Hirohata, Ivan Kuniyoshi ’81, Bill Collins ’82, Derek Watanabe ’81, Jeff Ing ’81.