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Spring 2011

‘Iolani’s Endowed Chairs: Making a Great School Even Greater
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Spring 2011 - Cover Story

Keables Chair Holders

Established in 1982, the Keables Chair has flourished over the decades with an increase in funding from donors and an internationally respected reputation. The program has brought Keables Chair Holders, visiting educators and professionals, from near and far and from a variety of backgrounds, to serve as resident teachers at ‘Iolani.

To be selected as a Keables Chair Holder, one must be nominated by a faculty or staff member of ‘Iolani School and then selected by the Keables committee. Keables Chair Holders are scheduled a minimum of two years in advance of their visit which usually lasts two weeks in late January and early February.

Keables Chair Holders

  • 1986   Robert Palazzi, English teacher, Department Chair
  • 1987   Allan Glatthorn, English curriculum specialist
  • 1990  Donald Murray, Pulitzer award winning writer and teacher
  • 1991  Thomas Newkirk, University of New Hampshire English Professor
  • 1992  Donald Johnson, Poet, teacher
  • 1993  Jane Hansen, Elementary school teacher, author
  • 1994  Jack Higgs, Sports writer, teacher,
  • 1995  Georgia Heard, Poet, elementary school teacher
  • 1996  Joan Countryman, Mathematics teacher, writer
  • 1997  Jane Schaffer, AP English teacher, curriculum specialist
  • 1998  Paul Watkins, Author, teacher
  • 1999  Jeff Gere and Ruth Stotter, Storytellers
  • 2000  Oregon Shakespeare Festival performers
  • 2001  Ellen Greenblatt and Eric Rothschild, English & history teachers
  • 2002  Li-Young Lee, Poet
  • 2003  Neil Campbell, Biologist, textbook author
  • 2004  David Mas Masumoto, Organic peach farmer and author
  • 2005  Lee Cataluna, journalist, playwright, storyteller
  • 2006  Robert O’Meally, Jazz Studies Scholar
  • 2007  Billy Collins, 2001 United States Poet Laureate
  • 2008  Dr. Scott Kim, Puzzle Master
  • 2009  Dr. Peter Saccio, Shakespearean Scholar
  • 2010  Dr. Cheryl Hayashi ’85, Spider Silk Biologist
  • 2011  David Horsey, Hearst Newspapers Editorial Cartoonist
  • 2012  Taylor Mali, Slam poet